I fight for Economic Development and Job Creation, quality Education for All of Arizona, Safe Communities defending, not defunding, our public safety professional, and Responsible Government Spending and fiscal responsibility.


As a Chandler Councilman and Vice Mayor I appreciate the thousands of new jobs, careers and opportunities that have made our state’s economy the envy of others. Over the past seven years I’ve had the honor of attending ribbon cuttings in Chandler where folks take extraordinary risk and start a business. While they’re realizing their dreams they make opportunities for others. This makes for a better community; It makes for a better state.

From a state prospective Arizona has been rocking it and showing the world what happens when you get out of the way and let folks bring their dreams and ambitions here. Keeping taxes low and making it easier for business to operate is a no brainer. Governor Ducey said it best when he thanked California for driving companies out of their state. I am continuously in awe of a CEO that make the choice to uproot their entire operation and relocate too sunny Arizona. Love it!


Current State leadership has been active in the area of improving education in Arizona. I have been pleased to see that helping our educators has been an important part of the Governor and state leaderships recent annual budgets. I hope that will continue to be the case in the future. “Students First” should always be on our minds as we work with education to navigate a changing world.

Right from the start education faces a number of challenges. Many of today’s students have computers loaded with every source of information for research and a comfortable couch right in their own living rooms. Taking those same young people into a classroom setting to capture their attention and imagination is difficult even for the most highly skilled instructor. I would definitely support targeted funding to support the idea of developing new and exciting approaches to delivering content. I’ll let the ideas on what to do come from the schools, but I support school choice and high tech partnerships with companies who have a need for skilled individuals in their field of manufacturing.

Technology advances and along the way education will have to adapt. In some cases it won’t be that easy. Computer programs like facebook, Instagram and Twitter can be entertaining, but they can play a role in dividing people. I want our schools to push aside divisive issues that may be fueled via the internet and concentrate on delivering quality education. There is no place for critical race theory or any other biased divisive content in our schools.

I want school boards to listen to parents and work to unify those they are charged with educating. I hope folks agree that education for our young people is critical. I promise to listen to ideas that make our system better.


Before you get into your car to drive to work or go off to school; Before you take your family to a park or stop at a store to shop there will always be one thing you want to be assured of and that’s a safe community. You know you don’t want to spend time thinking about it, you simply want safety. So for me it is obvious that a safe community requires quality police and fire services.

For my part after twenty years working at the Mesa Police Department I know it is right for me to defend and not defund the police. Over the course of any year across the country police officers will have contact with close to sixty-million people. That is a huge number and it helps demonstrate how often our peacekeepers are having professional contact with the public. To be fair I also know there are incidents where an officer’s actions have shed a bad light on our dedicated men and women whom are committed to providing the best in public safety.

I have seen some of the much publicized videos where an officer fails us and I am saddened by the impact that it may have on our society. I also know those videos are showing the actions of a very few individuals. I know that every day our cops are out there getting it right.

Arizona needs our police officers. They are working to help us. I support them.


When I was a teen I started making money doing work projects for family and friends. I also started to pay attention and have a concern over government debt. Friends often assured me arguing that over time the problem would be corrected.

Fast forward until today and I am more concerned than ever. Our Federal Government is financially broke along with social security, the postal service, Amtrak, etc. Now we talk about Federal debt, budget deficits, trade deficits and unfunded pension liability.

After retiring from the Mesa Police department I knew I had time to get involved in Government. I ran for office several times and spent all my years in office beating a drum for balanced budgets and lower taxes. I am in my eighth and final year on the Chandler City Council and I plan to take my drum with me to state government. I want our bills paid, our budgets balanced and our taxes lowered.


Arizona’s southern border must be secured. From it’s very beginnings the Federal Government was charged with a handful of responsibilities. one included the protection of our border. The current president and some previous presidents have dropped the ball on this issue. What’s happening today appears to be a deliberate disregard for the rule of law.

America needs a well thought out and reasonable immigration policy. The State of Arizona leadership must continue sending a message to the federal government; secure our border and follow federal immigration laws. If the laws are clunky and outdated pass new legislation that will protect Americans and create a better path for those wanting to live and work in this country.

America is still the greatest country in the world. It is understandable that people want to come here to start a better life. I have talked to many immigrants who made their way here by following our laws and policies. For the most part they are patriots whom are proud that they came here legally.

My position is clear. Immigration policy should be reformed, and our border must be secured. Follow the law. We can do it.